Friday, April 12, 2013


Today started just as any other day would.  I helped my girlfriend Rita get the kids ready for school, it’s a Monday so they really weren’t in the mood but I think I got them out and ready to go fairly well.  I couldn’t keep Rita from taking the day off especially after what just happened to her but she seems to be doing okay.  She got into another fight with her ex Paul again, and I still don’t think she’s okay but she was pretty adamant.  That’s beside’s the point though. 

At the office this morning we were sent a mason jar full of blood that included a motel key.  The police arrived at the room and found the place rather drenched with blood.  Because I am me they let me go in there alone first to see what I could find.  Instead of doing actual work I couldn’t help but remember a similar time in my past when I remembered something about a gigantic pool of blood.  I couldn’t place it but the memory made me dizzy and I fell and passed out.  When I recovered I exited the place as quickly as possible and was out of breath when I stepped out into the sunshine.  The rest of the cops and my colleagues were a little beleaguered to see me in such an unusual state because they all correctly think that I just love blood, but this surprised them.  It surprised me too because even after I got some fresh air I couldn’t get that memory out of my head and I couldn’t bring myself to go back in that room again.

My sister Debra was worried about me and tried to confront me but I didn’t really give her any reassurances and I think she was right about me not telling anyone any of my feelings. 

Another interesting thing happened at work today.  They ran some tests on the blood from the hotel room and figured out where the blood had come from at the least five different victims.  I think it’s the Ice Truck Killer who’s trying to taunt me and bring me down the rabbit hole.  I had always wondered what he had done with the blood from his victims and this would explain what he did with it. 

Rudy, Debra's boyfriend, stopped by with steak so we ate and talked.  He told me about watching as his mother was killed when he was a small child. He also helped explain how the blood on the walls of the hotel room could get in that particular splatter: a chainsaw. It was something I had been asking myself for quite some time now.  I don't really know how he came to that conclusion though.
Debra was really pissed today at the office when she confronted me about my dinner with her boyfriend.  She was really, really mad about me not talking to her and talking to him instead.  She was really emotional about it and I don’t know what I’m gonna do about it or why it happened to be honest.

Pual stopped by Rita's house later and I knocked Paul across the head when he threatened Rita and her children and I had enough of that crap.  I’ll get away with it because that stupid guy had a drug problem and I played that one up real nice.  Rita isn’t going to have any more problems with him and the children while that idiot is rotting in jail.  What I did for Rita made her really happy and I like it when Rita is happy.

I figured out what the memory was when I was at the crimescene.  It was of me.  I was a child and I witnessed my mother’s murder.  She told me not to look and that she loves me.  Then she was cut down with a chain saw.  Just like the one Rudy suggested made the blood splatters on the walls of the hotel room. 


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  1. The "vial of blood" was more like a mason jar.

    At the time he saw the pool of blood, Dexter had already started to remember about his childhood trauma. His trigger wasn't to pool of blood but the hypnotism.

    Dexter doesn't run the blood test, that is done by a different part of the forensics department.

    It is VERY out of character for Dexter to say that he loves when Rita is happy. No way would he say something like that. At the very least, not outright. But spot on with the hatred of Rita's ex.

    The last paragraph seems tacked on.

    Nice conversational tone, makes Dexter seem disarming, which is appropriate for the light side posts.